“Your ministry is similarly a fruit of the Vatican Council and of the Spirit that the Council brought forth.  The communion that we celebrate as Marian Servants and those linked in the ministry of the Marian Servants of Providence, really is an image that comes from the Council of a communion of lay persons fully taking up this role in the Church to share with the sacred pastors the prophetic, priestly and royal offices of Christ, in full measure the priesthood of Christ, being made present in the world.”

– Fr. Joseph Waters
November 8, 2012


“And I come down very precisely because of my esteem for, my great esteem for, this Spiritual Center.  It’s a marvelous resource, almost without parallel in the United States.  There are many good Centers, this one is one that is really extraordinary in terms of its staffing, its professional staff, its assisting staff, its facilities, its message, a combination of very clearly expressed orthodox Catholicism and the joyful spirit of the Charismatic Renewal coming together in what we see all over the country, a resurgence of interest in orthodox-believing Christianity and the very positive element that the Charismatic Renewal has brought into fervent Christianity over the past 30 years….”

– Fr. Benedict Groeschel
Words said while visiting the House of Prayer, December 1999

The Cenacle School of Spiritual Direction was rated as one of the top three Spiritual Direction Schools in the country by the National Catholic Register.
– Joseph Pronechen, September 8, 2012

The Cenacle of Our Lady of Divine Providence is a place of fellowship and vital spiritual renewal and formation. I had the joy of presenting for a week at one of the formation programs for spiritual directors. The atmosphere of worship and lively interest in the truths of the faith was tangible, as was the the community among those in the, ably fostered by the directors and the Marian helpers. The experience of sound spiritual formation in the Catholic tradition, in a faith community so open and responsive to the Holy Spirit, is one that will be valued for one’s entire life….a milestone on anyone’s spiritual journey!

– Alan Schreck, Ph.D.
Professor of Theology
Franciscan University of Stubenville.

“The Marian Servants of Divine Providence offer renewal ministries very much in the spirit of St. Francis, who was charged to, “Go and rebuild the Church.”  Through their retreats, Cenacle School of Spirituality, and House of Prayer, this community fosters the healing of mind, body and spirit.  I am grateful to God for the long-standing partnership between Franciscan University of Steubenville and the Marian Servants, which continues to bring many people to a deeper understanding of their vocation.”

– Fr. Terence Henry, TOR
President, Franciscan University of Steubenville

Word’s to Diane from Mother Theresa while visiting Mother’s community in 1996 when Diane was commenting on all that Mother Theresa does for God’s people.

“No No Child, I feed them food for today but you feed them spiritual food for eternity”
– Mother Theresa of Calcutta


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