The Marian Servants of the Incarnate Wisdom®  is a community that is Catholic, Marian, and Charismatic.

Quietly, faithfully like Mary, the Marian Servants®, model the life of Mary as servant. As Marian Servants®, we emulate the life of our Blessed Mother, who is always obedient to the words of her son and who freely and humbly accepts God’s will.

Marian Servants®  is a Public Association of the Christian Faithful headquartered in Clearwater, Florida.

“Catholicism could not exist without a Marian Character that being Catholic means belonging to Mary.”
– Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI
Vatican City, May 28, 2011

The Ministries of the Marian Servants® are under the authority of the Ordinary of the Diocese of St. Petersburg and the teaching authority of the Catholic Church as reflected in Church tradition and Scripture. These ministries conform to the teaching authority of the Holy Father and the Magisterium.

Spiritual Works of Mercy have been the primary focus of service to the Church by the Marian Servants®.

These spiritual works are to:

• Counsel the doubtful
• Instruct the ignorant
• Admonish the sinner
• Comfort the afflicted
• Forgive offenses
• Bear wrongs patiently
• Pray for the living and the dead

We pledge ourselves to a special loyalty to the Holy Father, the Bishop of Rome, and to the Magisterium of the Church – the College of Bishops in union with the Bishop of Rome, and humbly accept their authority and guidance in matters of faith and morals.

As Marian Servants® we treasure all the words and attitudes of the Blessed Mother, particularly her trust in Divine Providence. We look to her “as the model of hope which does not disappoint” and “we raise our eyes to her with faith” as we “strive to increase in holiness.” We constantly seek to emulate in our lives her virtues of holiness, obedience and service, which are the heart and soul of our “Rule of Life,” which calls us to:

1. Holiness
2. Obedience
3. Humble servanthood

Divine Providence always surprises and often delights. This is true of the story behind the statue of Our Lady of Divine Providence® that graces the House of Prayer Chapel at our founding community in Clearwater, FL. This story begins when our foundress received a photograph of a clay version of this statue. She fell in love with the image and the message printed on the photo: “Mary assumed suffering like the Morning Star that matures and strengthens.”

After a time, a search was begun through a Louisiana church supply company to determine if a free standing statue could be made from the photo for the new House of Prayer. As Divine Providence would have it, the supply company sent the request to Sister Angelica, a nun in Rome who worked for a statuary company. Sister Angelica turned out to be the creator of the clay image depicted in the photo! She was able to recreate her original inspiration in wood which now occupies the alcove in the House of Prayer Chapel.

Sister Angelica also shared the history of this image. It was found on the walls of the catacombs in Rome and is one of the earliest known images of Mary standing with arms raised in praise of the Father. Like our Blessed Mother, this statue of Our Lady of Divine Providence® is a constant reminder and model of surrender with complete trust in the Divine Providence of God.