Marian Servants® Spirituality


1. We have a special devotion to the Holy Spirit and an openness to the reception and expression of his gifts as a charismatic community.


2. We have a special devotion to Mary, the Mother of the Redeemer who is the model of all aspects of our spirituality, especially our apostolic ministry. As Marian Servants® our eyes look continually and beseechingly towards heaven, where our Mother keeps loving watch over us, her children, the brothers and sisters of Jesus her Son. We seek her daily intercession for our safe arrival into our Father’s house, and with deep and genuine devotion, we entrust ourselves to our heavenly Mother’s care and pledge to her our filial love. As Marian Servants we treasure all the words and attitudes of the Blessed Mother, particularly her trust in Divine Providence. We look to her “as the model of hope which does not disappoint” and “we raise our eyes [to her] with faith” as we “strive to increase in holiness.” We constantly seek to emulate in our lives her virtues of holiness, obedience and service, which are the heart and soul of our RULE OF LIFE.


3. In order to live out these virtues more faithfully, we, as members of the Marian Servants, pledge ourselves to a special loyalty to the Holy Father, the Bishop of Rome, and to the Magisterium of the Church, i.e., the College of Bishops in union with the Bishop of Rome, and humbly accept their authority and guidance in matters of faith and morals.